Businesses, CEO’s and Directors

“One of the most tragic things I know about human nature is that all of us tend to put off living. We are all dreaming of some magical rose garden over the horizon-instead of enjoying the roses blooming outside our windows today.” – Dale Carnegie

I will make it my mission is to kick-start you and your business.  Opening your eyes to the acre of diamonds outside your window.

OTHT believes that results come from helping individuals within your business, including you, to obtain focus and freedom to make clearer and more profitable decisions.

Our strategy will relieve the pressure and stress from the business owner and their key people, which enables the entire team to re-align their personal and business goals.

We help businesses that have hit a plateau in growth or are experiencing cashflow difficulties when trying to grow from £0m to £1m, £1m to £10m or £10m to £100m.

OTHT provides a framework through investment and restructuring support with outcome focused mentoring and development for staff as well as incredible strategies for entrepreneurs who want to grow through acquisition and mergers.

We can provide advice and solutions on business development, sales and marketing, joint ventures, partnerships, asset finance and growth finance.

OTHT will also co-create a future exit strategy with the shareholders to maximise valuations so they can achieve retirement and wealth goals.