The Strategy

Over The Horizon Thinking develops a clear strategy for you, whether an individual or business we will get you to the point of success, whatever that may be!

Starting with focus and clarity which we believe are both important to remember your dreams and goals and re-ignite your beginners mind.

Capturing that day one excitement will help you on a new path and create an adventure.

On a very practical level once we understand where you are, and where you want to get to together we can co-create a solution to the current challenges you are facing.

Individual Clients
Managing the pressure of unforeseen daily events on top of a currently challenging situation is key to being able to achieve your long term goals. Firefighting on a daily basis is tough so we aim to get you off the treadmill and onto the mountain path as soon as we can.  Once you start climbing again you will wish you’d started years ago!

Mapping out your perfect day will give you an easy to use strategy to discover what is important – and what is taking all your time, with no reward or future value.

My perfect day includes lots of family time with my wife, three young boys, plenty of exercise, eating delicious healthy food which gives me time and space to be creative, creating wealth and opportunities for the future.

Businesses Clients
We aim big and through our expertise in restructuring, mergers & acquisitions and exit strategies we can take a failing company to one with value.
We have turned around and sold companies that were insolvent. What was a headache and huge liability to the business owner became an asset that they later sold.