“Jonny is an extemely empathatic individual able to immediately understand the specific challenges facing your business. He asks the right questions to make you stop and think, to see the obvious opportunities and solutions. Then he works alongside you, offering guidance and insight along the way to get your business back on track and en-route to sustained profitability and growth. Highly recommended!” January 25, Fiona Brewer, MD, MCC International

“Jonny is brilliant.  He is diligent, imaginative and above all has a great track record of success. You could be no better than to get Jonny involved in your business.” March 16,  – Oliver Thompson (Owner at Oliver Thompson Training ) worked with Jonny at Business Recovery Forum

“I have had the pleasure of working with Jonny as co-investors on a number of business acquisitions and turnaround projects. I have Jonny to be an absolute joy to work with, he has always delivered and brings a fresh and enlightened approach to businesses we have invested in. Truly a person that does not get flustered, with an inherent ability to put people at ease and empathize with them. Jonny is a master at being able to achieve clarity and purpose out of chaos, being able to lead and facilitate change to get the best out of those around him. An absolutely genuine and likeable person. I have no hesitation in say that I very much look forward to working with Jonny on future acquisitions and business turnarounds.”  February 15,  – C. Boddington

“From the moment you meet Jonny you realise that he has layers upon layers of experience that he is able to draw on as well as a very sharp mind. He listens to what you are saying, quickly understanding from your prospective what the main issues are and then subtly yet powerfully introduces possible solutions and strategies. I say subtly because within the arena of work it is sometimes hard to hear what actually needs to be done. A great combination of wisdom, experience and empathy.” January 21,
Nicholas Haines, Chair NCA, Prac TCM, Director Conscious Wealth, Conscious Wealth LLP

“Jonny is committed, hard working, and a focused on improving the quality of life of his clients, staff, family and fellow investors & business collaborators. Open to feedback and willing to improve the status quo, Jonny’s unique experience and background position him well in any team activity. He is a just-do-it and can-do-it type of guy!”   June 19,
Dave Rogers, Business Development – Deal Making & Syndication, Joy Ventures Pte Ltd

“I am working with Jonny on a turnaround project at the moment and he has great empathy with the parties involved that has come from his unique business experience to date, he is hardworking, trustworthy and a great person to have involved and I hope that when we have finished this project there will be many more to come !” May 4, Jeremy Harbour, Chairman, The Unity Group

“Jonny’s approach is straight forward and effective. He knows what he is doing, and does it effectively. Easy to work with, and listens to your concerns.” May 1, Alison Finn, Director, Caring Colon Cleansing Limited

“Jonny is a pleasure to work with. He is a great listener with a sound business mind and often comes up with imaginative solutions to complex issues. In the business turnaround work we have worked on together his primary focus is always on meeting the business owners’ objectives – he is a man of high integrity who I can happily recommend to anyone.” May 1, Mark Colquhoun, Chef Executive, Solar Communications

“I have known Jonny for many years and he is totally dedicated and works tirelessly and enthusiastically to deliver excellent results. He has proven himself to be flexible, loyal, able to solve problems intelligently, and above all he is trustworthy.” April 30, Steve Clements, Partner, Mercer