The Dream Tenant and the Perfect Landlord!

After much thought they realised that solving the problem was simple – they needed to create a dream tenant and a perfect landlord, then put them together.

LetMe was born…

The Dream Tenant

  • Pay 12-months rent upfront
  • Guarantees the condition of your property
  • Signs an agreement, up to 5 years, with no voids or arrears
  • They manages everything so you can sit-back and relax

 The Perfect Landlord

  • Charges NO fees
  • Requires NO deposit
  • Let’s you move in for free with NO upfront rent
  • Adds on NO margin to the repair cost of any accidental damage you cause

 A Revolutionary Service

LetMe pay the Landlord 10% under market rent and charge the Tenant 10% over market rent.  There are no other fees or charges to either party – EVER!

LetMe can sign-up your entire portfolio, currently tenanted or not.  We will pay you 12-months rent upfront and manage everything on 1 or 100+ units.

We work with build to rent property developers who want the security of a 5 year FRI lease and property investment funds who package our – guaranteed rent, no void, no arrears solution.

For an offer on your portfolio – please email me –

Or call me on 07809 544767 for more information on the fastest and most efficient full letting and management service in the world.


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