Landlord Virgin – LetMe pop your cherry!


Becoming a first time landlord can be a daunting and risky business, that’s why many banks in the UK have shied away from lending to landlords who have no previous experience.

Because the LetMe product eliminates all unexpected hidden costs and risk, whilst paying more overall to the landlord, newbies entering into property investment are choosing to use LetMe ahead of any other option in the market.

LetMe is the fastest, most efficient full property management service in the UK guaranteeing a solid, secure rental income while at the same time reducing the risk, hassle and cost of renting property.

The LetMe service includes a rental assurance as standard with a full 12-months rent upfront across a 1-5 year renewable contract, with no management fees and a guarantee on the property’s return condition.

As part of a wider business with net assets of £180million, LetMe ensures a fast, more efficient turnaround than letting agents.  More secure financial backing also means savings are passed to you by paying you more overall for your property, and paying it to you in advance.

As a LetMe client you are fully protected from issues such as unforeseen rental voids, property damage and potential tenant payment disputes, while all the time keeping your investment earning you a high return… leaving you to get on with the things you’d rather be doing.

    “LetMe have considered all the downsides or being a landlord.  Their service eliminates all the risk, cost, time and hassle, leaving a hands-off, risk free solution.  It’s unique and unrivalled, the most exciting product to come into the property industry in recent years.  ”   – Pension Fund Manager

Call for me for information regarding our first time landlord pack.

| Jonny | m. 07769 695872


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