Are you having FUN yet?

FUN [definition]

  • enjoyment, amusement, or light-hearted pleasure
  • playfulness or good humour
  • behaviour or an activity that is intended purely for amusement and should not be interpreted as having any serious or malicious purpose.

The fundamental key to success is Fun!

If your competitors are doing exactly what you are doing, but having more fun doing it – they will be more successful. Why? – because it will feel more like a game and less like a job!

When we are playing a game most of us hate to lose, but we know, if we do, there will always be another chance to win. A game feels like it is fun because we compete to win, but we arenโ€™t afraid to lose – the stakes aren’t life threatening.

If we think about losing our job or our business – we will, by habit, create a web of fear that prevents us from clear thinking.

What is more – we will forget to enjoy the ride and when needing to make big decisions, we will cloud our judgement with the fear and anxiety we have built up in our mind.

Itโ€™s like a top golfer missing a putt or a world-class footballer missing a penalty in the last moments of a final. They make simple errors, they wouldn’t normally make, because they are completely absorbed by that fear.

Sports psychologists will take them back, mentally, to how it felt before they needed to win to earn money. When it was – “just for fun”.

We all know how to have fun. We just need to recognise that in ourselves. We need to transport those feelings and emotions back into our business life.

Let’s face it, we spend too much time at work, for it not to be great fun!

People who enjoy what they do shine through. It shows up to everyone around them. They are passionate and willing to go the extra mile for their business partners and clients.

I am fully aware that losing your business and maybe even your home is a reality some business owners face in these challenging times – but when you, or I, as I did not so long ago, chunk it down – to what really matters and how to deal with it, you start to see the situation with much more clarity.

How can I say to a 63-year-old business owner that his life will not be affected, if his business goes into liquidation? It will change his life! It is how you deal with the changes that will make or break you as a person.

There is absolutely no point worrying about what might be, because it might, not be. That energy is far better used dealing with the challenges in front of you, than the challenges in your mind.

The current philosophic thought on building wealth is to manifest your dreams and desires from positive thought. Some say – that’s a bit new age and wacky.

Is there anything to lose from being positive?

Whatever makes us believe in ourself and our ability to deliver on our goals, targets and commitments – coupled with having fun from one moment to the next gets my vote!

The old-fashioned way to success said

  • Work harder than my competitors.
  • Communicate Information more effective than my competitors
  • Be able to act on opportunity by being in the right place, at the right time
  • Be effective with my contacts (Network – not the insincere, cheesy, and ineffective back scratching but visiting customers, suppliers – building trust and getting recommendations)

The new-fashioned way to success – all the above plus –

  • Believing you can succeed! Positive thought! Manifesting your success! Enjoy your working life and have Fun!

Start today by getting your focus on the immediate challenges in your business and if it helps get a fresh pair of eyes on the situation. (call us!) It’s common to get so caught up in small details that we will fail to understand the bigger picture.

Are you having FUN yet? Ask yourself again!


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