Open for Business…!

I try to avoid conflict in all parts of my life, that is why I have a rule in business that I borrow from the award winning entrepreneur Jeremy Harbour and that is – I don’t do business with dickheads.

We have all met these types of people in business; they are often self-destructive and use their brash behaviour to mask serious self-doubts.

This ultimately leads to failure in the boardroom as their companies are not aligning in either body or soul.

By soul I mean the psychology of the company. The morale of the workforce; the satisfaction each person gets from delivering their piece of work, to result in the common good of the business. If there is no “feel good factor” in a business, it becomes unsustainable.

This comes all the way from the top.

When I get a call from a business owner with a distressed business it is vital to begin working with the business owner in full co-operation.

Aligning the interests of their company, their life and my objective – results in a healthy company and healthy returns for everyone involved.

To achieve the ultimate – win-win deal – I make it my business to understand the owner’s objectives and motivations from day one, or even better, minute one.

It is only then that we can begin to build a recovery plan that works from the ground up.

It has been proven time and time again – to get the ideal outcome for all parties, not only in merger and acquisition negotiations, but in any business deal – all parties must feel like they have a good deal.

Our expertise is in turning around distressed businesses – we often have to move quickly and efficiently to maximise the chances of a successful turnaround of the business.

The threat of liquidation increases if the business owner is not willing to have open-minded discussion, free from any preconceived ideas or paradigms.

When a business proposal is pre-judged we are inclined to pursue things that give dominance, but do not necessary give the most value.

I don’t take lightly my role in this process and that is why I am keen to develop a holistic approach to business.

I offer a free no obligation chat with any business owner who would like to talk things through regarding their business life. Regardless of whether they feel the business is in distress.

It sometimes transpires that although financially stable the owner feels in distress because they want to exit, or grow the business but cannot see the wood for the trees.

Perhaps – this is where I can assist…


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